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Photo credit: LA Times

Fruit For Homeless is a handy solution we can undertake with our limited resources. Quite literally, it is a backyard solution! Very often, a lot of our fruits are not consumed, falling and bursting on the ground and become a waste. Why not make good use of our existing resources by using them efficiently as possible? Stripping fruits from trees helps reinvigorate the growth cycles of the trees by removing the extra baggage and energy expenditure.

Canned and packaged foods have historically been a common staple in donations to the homeless. But if we care about our own well-being by having a balanced diet, the homeless folks deserve an equal opportunity to enjoy fresh and nutritious foods. This also demonstrates a touch of love from the rest of the community. It provides greater access to fresh fruits for underserved communities.

Volunteering brings people closer together and builds a stronger community. We make new friends throughout the fruit sharing and picking process and befriend neighbors we perhaps have not spoken very often with. Working on such meaningful initiative makes us feel like we are contributing to the world in a significant way, while bringing fun and fulfillment to our lives. The community as a whole becomes more empowered and engaged. 





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